Want to know why we’ll stay dry and cozy?

Romanda here – Leg 5 crew member who is anxiously awaiting my own turn to race hard and have the time of my life!  So happy to hear our crew are doing fabulous, and thankfully staying warm as it’s getting colder as they sail in the South Atlantic.

I have been extremely lucky to have won my spot with the Henri Lloyd Gore-Tex Experience Tour! Because of this I got to take a trip up to Edinburgh and actually see the factory where Gore-Tex is made – and holy did I learn a lot! You can read a bit about my experience on my own blog here: Romanda’s London Musings

But I also wanted to share with you a fun video I made that really shows just how awesome our Gore-Tex kit is for keeping us not only dry but also allows our sweat to escape because it’s so breathable. I know I am ecstatic about this when it’s hot but wet – who wants a sauna in their jackets!? Not me that’s for sure.

So watch this quick video and have a good laugh at me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Want to know why we’ll stay dry and cozy?

  1. Really good demo, Romanda. But, nevertheless, none of us manages to stay dry on a boat.

    • haha, well it’s not for the kit that’s for sure! If you have openings (for example, you don’t close your wrist guards correctly) you’ll have water get in. And except for the really crazy storms you should stay fairly dry.

      I am most happy about the breathability though…I have another waterproof jacket that I end up hating at the end of a hike because it’s so sweaty inside

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