So close, yet so far

Well folks – I am sure you have been as excited as myself when realizing that Team Qingdao was one of the first three yachts to escape the tiresome and frustrating doldrums! Thanks to some great strategy we, along with PSPLogistics and Jamaica-Get All Right have broken free from the pack and are now racing towards the equator (actually PSP and Jamaica have crossed it already, but we are almost there!)

This is when things pick up and we really need the support of our fans! While we are leading, it’s not over till it’s over. We know our team will work hard to get onto the podium so let’s show our support as they use their strength and stamina to cross that finish line. You can tweet messages to @TeamQindao , write a guest blog post here (contact, send messages via our Facebook account (either our personal team one or the ‘official‘ team page).

One of the things our crew will most look forward when hitting land (after seeing their loved ones) to is checking out how much their loved ones supported them during the race they just challenged through. So let’s all send loud cheers so that maybe, just maybe they can hear us in that big open sea and race ever faster to meet us in Rio!

Go Team Qingdao!


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