The Doldrums – Richard Evans Leg 1 crew

We’re not even there yet and have come to a grinding halt! Temp inside boat is 38 degrees and as humid as hell, can’t do anything without breaking into a sweat. The only wind comes from squalls that come cross the ocean, during one I decided to have a rain shower under the main sail, OK, I admit playing to the crowd a bit in that I got all lathered up, and then just as soon as it had started someone turned the rain off …to the huge amusement of all on board. Still, a couple of hours later a huge squall came over and I got well rinsed. All well

Love, your grain of sand xx

You can read more about Richards experience and his goal of raising funds for prostate cancer research at his blog

2 thoughts on “The Doldrums – Richard Evans Leg 1 crew

  1. Must be very frustrating with no wind for so long. I’ve been there myself and remember how hard it can be rolling about, mainsail crashing about and not going anywhere and the relentless heat. Say hi to Lizzy

  2. @TeamQingdao Absolutely fantastic performance jumping from 10th to 2nd place. I must say I was questioning the strategy as Qingdao was slipping down the leader board but now am biting my tongue as it seams to be paying off in a big way!!!!!!

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